Basic shell scheme. Additional equipment order online

Technical exhibition manual

Example of basic shell scheme stand

 Additional equipment «Online» order for Your booth.

For Your convenience Premier Expo offers the exhibitors a new online service for ordering additional equipment and technical service online.

The service lets You fill in the appropriate equipment and service order list for Your booth on Your own. In the bottom of the list You will be able to see the total budget for the stand equipment. In case You require to optimize the amount You can change the necessary equipment items and see the total amount to be changed at once.

In order to use the service:

  1. Indicate Your company details in the upper field of the form
  2. Tick the necessary items in the equipment list
  3. Check the total amount. If required make changes to the equipment list in order to optimize the amount
  4. Once You have finished with the equipment list please submit the form and it will be sent to technical department

Click here to proceed to the additional equipment online forms

Click here to proceed to the additional equipment online forms for space only sites

Premier Expo also provides customized stand building service.

About exclusive stands construction please read here

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