Premier Expo company welcomes you to become a part of the 14st International Freight & Commercial Vehicle Show TIR’2018!

Association with the European Union has opened up new prospects for Ukrainian market of domestic and international commercial transit. In turn, European manufacturers and suppliers got the chance to take all the advantage of the new geopolitical situation.

Ukraine remains a very attractive market for Europe transit through the international transport corridors. 

October the 14st  International Freight & Commercial Vehicle Show TIR’2018 provides with a support and platform for a constructive dialogue between the major players of the industry. The burning topic deals with the opportunities offered by Ukraine’s association with the EU, the development of Ukrainian market of logistics services through the expansion of exports.

TIR show is the main specialised exhibition, where brand new models of trucks, special purpose and commercial vehicles, autpservice and technologies are demonstrated

Showing the vehicles from prominent world manufacturers, the event is a venue for a wide professional audience and the biggest review of achievements of commercial, freight and passenger transport, from assembly line to vehicle service, maintenance and repair.

Retaining the world automobile production know-how, TIR promotes the aggressive application and use of up-to-date, adjusted and localis motor vehicles and technologies in Ukraine. Every year, the TIR Freight & Commercial Vehicle Show gathers key manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and services.

Test drives at the show give the exhibitors a unique chance to demonstrate advantages and features of exhibited machinery, as visitors can see it in action and even test on their own




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